A software for billing advertisements was programmed for the Motorpresse in Zurich . The first standard product ADVERTISE was created out of this. There were about 30 installations in various publishers, what ensured a stable situation within the next four years. This was triggered just by one mailing campaign with 200 letters.


Relocation of the company to the industrial area Schwaighofen in Neu-Ulm. At the same time the company was renamed in VOLZ + RASPER.


Establishment of a company in Holzschwang for the creation of individual software on IBM-PC. Due to the great name of IBM and despite of the modest technology, the device prevailed in the market and created a standard in the industry. The aim was to make individual projects as long as an application forms the basis for a standard software.


Development of a software for payroll accounting on SIRIUS-Computer. The operating system MS-DOS and the programming language BASIC from Microsoft were in use. At that time, this company was small, had only a few employess and was completely unknown. The experience out of this project did really help for the later project in time recording and operational data store.